The Ant Bully (Warner Brothers) – 2006

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The Ant Bully

When being tormented by the neighborhood bully and his followers “because I’m big, and you’re small”, Lucas is too embarrassed to tell his family, so he angrily pushes everyone away. The only thing he can find to ease his frustration is to, in turn, become a bully to the only ones smaller that he can find who are smaller than him: the colony of ants in his front yard. Then, a magic potion reduces him to their size and he is forced to see the world from their point of view. Living with the team building ants, he realizes that the only way to beat the bully is to work together with the other small kids.


Often, when someone is emotionally hurting, they will attempt to ease their own pain by inflicting pain on someone else. This is easiest to do when the other person stands out from the crowd, and especially if they are physically smaller. Causing pain to someone innocent is not the answer. The problem that you need to solve will still be there, and you will most likely be creating more problems with this unkind behavior.  Individually,  someone may be small, but many people working together are big. Lucas also comes to realize that, when you are hurting, pushing away the people who love you the most not only intensifies your own pain, but makes it more difficult to get the help you need.

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Drone Ant: He’s so soft. His skeleton is on the inside.

Ant #4: So he’s inside out?

Drone Ant, Ant #4: Eww!


Queen Ant: [plans have been made for Lucas] It is done. Let us continue our work.

Lucas Nickle: That’s it? How long am I gonna be like this? I want to go home! Wait! It’s inhuman!

Head of Council: Yes. It is.


Hova: [the ants entering Lucas’ house] Do all of your guests pass under this door?

Lucas Nickle: Well, actually, you guys are the first friends I’ve had over.

Hova: We are the first ones? Kreela! We’re the first ones to pass under the door!

Kreela: Great…

Fugax: And to think, all of this is made from your own POOP! [sniffs] Nice…


Lucas Nickle: He’s come to wipe out the entire colony! We can work together to stop him!


Zoc: He’s blinded you, Hova.
Hova: NO, you are the one that’s blind. You are so consumed from your hatred for the humans, you only see what you want to see.


Zoc: [To Lucas] Calling a human “friend”. I thought that impossible, until you came.


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