Escape From Planet Earth (Anchor Bay Entertainment) – 2013

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Escape From Planet Earth


On planet Baab, Scorch Supernova is a famous astronaut. His arrogance and acts of adventurous heroism make him a big hit for the television cameras. His older brother Gary is head of mission control at BASA, but Scorch doesn’t like to listen to him, and often jeopardizes his own safety for the sake of the media. When Lena, chief of BASA tells Scorch that there is a distress call from “The Dark Planet” (Earth), Gary fears for his brother, and refuses to take part in the mission since no one has ever returned from there in the past. However, Scorch lives for fame, and leaves for the The Dark Planet behind Gary’s back. When Scorch, of course, winds up in trouble, a terrified Gary sets off the save his brother. The pair end up being victims of Shanker, a human who lost his father at a young age when alien’s crashed their ship into him. Now, Shanker wants revenge on all alien species. Gary’s loving wife, Kira, a former BASA controller then sets off to bring them back, with their young son, Kip as a stowaway. Meanwhile, the imprisoned aliens on Earth are forced to build the ultimate weapon to destroy all planets with alien life.


Brothers aren’t always nice to each other. They can often compete against each other in an attempt to prove their worth. This doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other. If they can learn to work together as a team, playing up to each other’s strengths, they can accomplish anything. But if they ignore the advice given by the other, they often just create more problems for them both.

(If you have additional ideas on how this film can be used for educational purposes, please let us know in the comments below.)


Gary Supernova: [hastily] Kira, Kip’s gone! Kip’s gone!

Kira Supernova: What?

Gary Supernova: The rescue pod!

Kira Supernova: [shocked; lets the plates drop] We gotta get to BASA before he does!

Gary Supernova: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

Kira Supernova: We’re using the rocket boots.

Gary Supernova: Are you crazy? The gyroscope is off. The thrust mechanism is broken. They’re not ready to fly.

Kira Supernova: I’ve spent 15 years as a BASA test pilot. It’s not rocket science.

Gary Supernova: That’s exactly what it is! They’re rocket boots!

Kira Supernova: [turns on the rocket boots] Gary, turn off your brain and hang on!


Gary Supernova: Nothing says peace like a giant gun.


Kip Supernova: “I’m gonna be just like uncle Scorch someday.”
Gary Supernova: “Nope, better have another kid.”
Kira Supernova: “Gary!”
Gary Supernova: “Just what every father wants to hear. My son wants to be like my dimwitted brother.”
Kira Supernova: “Oh relax. He’s excited. Besides, what could Scorch possibly give your son that you can’t?”
Scorch Supernova: [on TV] “I dedicate this planet to my nephew Kip.”
Kip Supernova: “I got my own planet! Awesome!”
Kira Supernova: “Okay, that’s pretty hard to top.”


 Kira Supernova: [to Lena, who is unconscious] What? Just cause you think a chick has kids she can’t dish it out?


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