Ice Age (20th Century Fox) – 2002

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Ice Age



Set in the prehistoric Ice Age, this is the story of a group of very different individuals. Sid is a sloth who is not the brightest, but has an unselfish heart. A mammoth named Manfred, or Manny, just wants to be left alone, as he is accustomed. Finally, Diego, the saber toothed tiger, wants to get ahead in life any way he can so that he can feel respected. This odd “herd” is thrown together through a series of circumstances, and departs together on a mission to return a human child to his family. The quest is Sid’s idea, and Manny and Diego participate reluctantly, feeling that the child will only grow up to learn to hunt them. Each has their own agenda to accomplish as their reason for taking part in Sid’s plan. Over the course of their journey, however, the trio find that they have more in common than they ever would have guessed. They each have endured personal hardships in their lives, and none of them feel that they fit in with their own kind. Each of them knows what it is like to be bullied, and to experience loss. None of them, though, expect the strong bonds of friendship that eventually form out of their adventures.

Sid, Manny and Diego learn that just because someone looks differently than you, and has even been raised differently than you doesn’t mean that you have nothing in common. They may very well share some of their deeper values with you. Everyone wants to be accepted and to feel as though they are part of a group. If you get to know someone and set aside any pre-judgments you may have, you may just find friendships where you least expect them. They also learn that kindness goes a long way in forming these friendships.
(If you have additional ideas on how this film can be used for educational purposes, please let us know in the comments below.)


 Sid: I don’t know about you guys, but we are the weirdest herd I’ve ever seen.


Diego: Why did you do that? You could’ve died trying to save me.
Manfred: That’s what you do in a herd: you look out for each other.
Diego: Well… thanks.


Diego: Maybe we shouldn’t do this.
Sid: Why not?
Diego: …Because if we save him he’ll grow up to be a hunter. And who do you think he’ll hunt?
Sid: Maybe because we saved him, he won’t hunt us.
Diego: Yeah, and maybe he’ll grow fur, and a long, skinny neck and call you Mama.


Rachel: He’s not much to look at, but it’s so hard to find a family man these days.
Jennifer: Tell me about it. All of the sensitive ones get eaten.


[passing a Stonehenge-like structure]

Manfred: Modern architecture. It’ll never last.


Sid: [about the baby] I bet he’s hungry.
Manny: How ’bout some milk?
Sid: Ooh, I’d love some!
Diego: Not you. The baby.
Sid: Well, I ain’t exactly lactating right now, pal.
Diego: You’re a little low on the food chain to be mouthing off, aren’t you…


Sid: [catching up to Manfred and Diego, he sits down on the top of a geyser] Hey, thanks for waiting.
Diego, Manfred: Three, two, one…
[the geyser erupts, and sends Sid shooting up into the sky]
Manfred: Sure is faithful.
[Sid lands with his head in the geyser]


Manfred: If you find a mate in life, you should be loyal. In your case, grateful.


[last lines]

Sid: You know? This whole ice age thing is getting old. You know what I could go for? A global warming.
Diego: Keep dreaming.
Sid: No really…


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