Turbo (DreamWorks) – 2013

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Theo’s dream is to be extraordinarily fast. He loves watching Indianapolis 500 race car driver, Guy Gagne do his stuff on the track, and longs to be just like him. He has one problem, though. Theo is a garden snail. He and his brother, Chet, work in a tomato garden. All the other snails are concerned about harvesting tomatoes and avoiding dangers like crows and the local kid who likes to squash them. Theo’s imitations of race cars often get him in trouble.  Chet always defends his brother, even though he finds Theo’s obsession with racing unrealistic and extremely embarrassing. After a major accident occurs at “The Plant”, both Chet and Theo are fired. Theo feels really bad for causing so much damage, and for badly embarrassing his brother, so he goes off on his own. Before he knows it, he ends up being sucked into the engine of a street race car, swirling around in nitrous oxide. Once he finally escapes his predicament, and finds his way back home, he discovers that he has miraculously attained the attributes of a race car. Theo is overjoyed at his newfound speed, and renames himself, “Turbo”. Chet and the other snails are not as enthusiastic, worried at what they feel is something wrong with him.  Before long, Chet and Turbo find themselves being caught by Tito, younger brother and co-owner to a business in a forgotten shopping center. Even though his older brother makes certain he knows the idea is crazy,  Tito can’t help asking himself if it is possible to enter a snail in the Indy 500, and could such a stunt put their failing business venture on the road to success.


Everyone has dreams – they bring joy to our lives. And as enjoyable as dreams are when we are alone, they can sometimes make life difficult in public. There are always people who will try to say that the dream cannot be accomplished, and that the dreamer should just be happy with what they have. Dreams require lots of self confidence and courage to pursue. Some good luck certainly doesn’t hurt. But the most important thing that a dreamer needs is someone to believe in them. It isn’t difficult to fall into a depressive state when you want something with all of your heart, but it seems no one believes you can do it. Many are unable to climb out of this self doubt, and give up. Family can seem like to most obvious place to start to find support, but family members can often be hesitant. When you love someone, you certainly want them to find happiness, but you also worry that their heart will be broken if things don’t work out as planned. Siblings can often be the ones who are most brutally honest with you, but they can also be your fiercest protectors. When you dig down deep to be true to yourself and your personal strengths, you not only encourage yourself, but you allow others to see your strengths as well, thus building your support system.

(If you have additional ideas on how this film can be used for educational purposes, please let us know in the comments below.)


Guy Gagne: No dream is too big, and no dreamer… too small.


Guy Gagne: There comes a point in every race where a driver is forced to make that one key decision – play it safe or move ahead.


Chet: With the television gone, you can stop watching races and get on with your life.
Turbo: I have a life?

Chet: Is this really necessary?
Smoove Move: No, but where’s the fun in that?

Chet: Theo, What happens if you wake up tomorrow, and your powers are gone?
Turbo: Then I better make the most of today.


Guy Gagne: The world loves the underdogs.  They need them.  They need to believe they can be something too.


Turbo: All these people believe in me.  Guy Gagne believes in me.  Why won’t you?


Turbo: Are you crazy??
Whiplash: Yeah I’m crazy.  What made you think I was sane?

Whiplash: Are you a car?
Turbo: What?
Whiplash: Are..You..A Car?
Turbo: No!
Whiplash: Then stop diving like one!


Chet: My little brother never gives up.  That’s the best thing about you.  Get out and win this, Turbo.


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