Shark Tale (DreamWorks) – 2004

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Shark Tale



Oscar is a little fish in a big ocean. Not having the wealth and prosperity of those at “the top of the reef”, he feels like an inconsequential “nobody”. Lenny is a gentle, vegetarian shark who feels he will never live up to the expectations of his father, Don Lino, the ocean’s mob boss. He also dwells in the shadow of his brother, Frankie, who is the perfect mob son. Then we have Angie, perfectly content with her life working at the small time whale wash with Oscar, the object of her affections. Oscar and Lenny end up as unlikely partners in a plan to deceive the whole ocean into believing that Oscar is a “shark slayer” so that he can move up in society, and Lenny can have someone to hide behind, away from disapproving eyes. However, things aren’t quite so simple when you have an angry mob boss on the chase, and the person you care about most is put in danger.

It is completely natural to want to improve yourself or improve your lifestyle. However, if money is your only focus, it can become a rather unhealthy way to live. You should appreciate what you have and seek only to improve yourself, as opposed to obsessing over materialistic advancement. Envy can be a rather strong emotion that can affect us in unsuspecting ways. It can cause a person to sacrifice the people they care most about in favor of monetary gain. Lying is frequently also a part of this equation, and lying can often spin out of control when one ends up adding additional lies on top of the original one in order to prevent the discovery of the truth.

Power, surprisingly, can also cause you to lose the ones you love. Being in a position of power can be quite intoxicating, and many parents wish to set up their children to take over their hard earned roles. However, children often do not share the dreams of their parents, and this can put a strain on the relationship. A family is a special gift, and we should respect and appreciate each member for their own special and unique traits.



Oscar: Hi, I’m Oscar – you might think you know me, but you have no idea! Welcome to my crib – the good life, the way the other half lives! Check it out, I got my 60-inch high-def plasma TV with six-speaker surround, CD, DVD, Playstation and an eight-track for one of those days when you’re feeling just a little weeka-weeka-weeka OLD SCHOOL, ha ha ha! Coz even a superstar Mac-daddy fish like me has to have the basic necessities!
Shortie #1: Yeah, like money!
[Camera zooms out to show Oscar standing in front of billboard ad]


Oscar: My dad was the greatest… but nobody loves a nobody.

Sykes: Now I have to pay Don Lino protection, so everything you owe me, you owe him!
Oscar: How do you figure that?
Sykes: Simple – the food chain!
[Pulls out chart]
Sykes: On top there’s Don Lino, there’s me, there’s regular fish…
Oscar:  And that’s me!
Sykes: No. There’s plankton, there’s single-celled amoebas…
Oscar: And then me!
Sykes: I’m getting there, I’m getting there… There’s coral, there’s rocks, there’s whale poop, and then there’s you.
Oscar:  That’s messed up.


Angie: You don’t have to live at the top of the reef to be somebody.


Angie: [about Lenny] What were you THINKING, bringing him here?
Oscar: Well… I’m still working out the kinks…
Angie: Kinks? You LIED! Everybody thinks you “slayed the shark!”
Oscar: Well, who am I to tell them that they’re wrong?
Angie: How could you lie to me, Oscar? ME?
Oscar: Don’t take it personal, Angie! Come on, I lied to EVERYBODY!


 Oscar: All right, I totally betrayed you, but before we work this out I got a small thing to take care of…
Angie: Oh, yeah? What’s that?
Angie: And they should! What did you expect? You just take credit for killing a shark and then everything would be fine and dandy for the rest of your life? 
Oscar: Uh… yeah. But don’t worry. Me and Lenny, we’re gonna take care of this…
Lenny: Whoa, whoa, whoa! What’s with the “we”? I don’t want any part of this?
Oscar: Hey, too late now, Veggie Boy, they’ll be looking for you too!
Lenny: Point taken. What’s the plan?

[After seeing Oscar and Lola kiss on television]
Angie: Just tell me, Oscar, because I’m curious – why do you think she’s interested, huh? Do you think, for one minute, that she would even be WITH you if you weren’t the rich and famous Shark Slayer?
Lenny: [trying to intervene] Awww, you guys, please don’t fight…
Angie: Are you that blind?
Oscar: At least she treats me like I’m somebody!
Angie: Yeah, well would she love you if you were nobody?
Oscar: NOBODY loved me when I was nobody!
Angie: I DID! Before the money. Before the fame. Before the LIE. To me you were a somebody, Oscar. But now you’re nothing but a fake, a sham, a joke.


Angie: Just go. Because I’m tired of hearing about how everything in your life wasn’t good enough, including me.



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