Hop (Universal) – Learning To Listen To Others

Hop (Universal) – 2011 – PG

Russell Brand, James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Elizabeth Perkins, Gary Cole, Hugh Laurie, Tiffany Espensen, David Hasselhoff

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Summary & Lessons:

The infamous Easter Bunny, Mr. Bunny, lives on Easter Island, where he is training his son, E.B., to eventually be his successor. It is a huge job with great responsibilities that E.B. finds rather intimidating. He would much rather chase his dream of becoming a drummer. Unable to persuade his father that he isn’t Easter Bunny material, he runs away to Hollywood, where he is certain he can become a star.

Distraught, Mr Bunny sends his talented military force, the Pink Berets, to bring him back. Seeing an opening, Carlos, the head Easter chick who is second in command to Mr. Bunny, begins to subtly suggest that he should be the successor for the job by pointing out his knowledge, dedication and leadership skills to his boss with every opportunity. Mr. Bunny fails to pick up on any of these cues. Carlos becomes increasingly disgruntled.

Meanwhile, the O’Hare  family (human) begin an intervention for their uninspired son, Fred, who has gotten himself into an unemployment slump. Both parents and both sisters take turns lovingly urging him to find a job. On his way to a house-sitting gig that his sister, Sam, sets up for him, he ends up bumping E.B. with his car as he is crossing the street. E.B., who has found no luck in finding a place to stay, feigns injury so that Fred will take him home. At first, Fred is rather freaked out when a rabbit he has hit with his car begins to talk to him, but he eventually brings E.B. back to the house with him.

Fred gets angry with the bunny when he creates an enormous mess in the home that Fred is supposed to be taking care of. Things become even more challenging between the two as Fred attempts a job interview. E.B. comes along for the ride, but his flee from the Pink Berets creates chaos for Fred. However, E.B. does manage an impromptu jam session that lands him an audition with David Hasselhoff. In spite of all of the havoc that seems to be caused everywhere they go, E.B. continues to run from his father’s military force. Fred eventually learns about his new friend’s true identity, and his plight. Fred begins to feel that E.B. came into his life for a reason: he wants to become the first human Easter Bunny.

E.B. finds the notion ridiculous at first, but begins to feel that if he can turn Fred into the new Easter Bunny, then maybe he can be the drummer he always wanted to be. Neither of them are aware, however, of the coup d’état that Carlos is plotting to make himself into the first Easter Bunny chick.


Finding one’s place in this crazy world of our can be a daunting journey. Not only do you want to remain true to yourself and your own passions and talents, but family often factors into things as well. Parents often have grand plans for their children’s futures. This makes perfect sense: they love their children and want what is best in life for them. But in their well intended plans, they often do not take the time to sit down and really talk about the kid’s ideas of where they want their lives to go. They simply set their course for them without really understanding the youth’s dreams.

Children desperately need to feel listened to, understood and appreciated. Once these needs are met, they can more easily find the confidence to accept the sometimes intimidating responsibilities handed to them in life, as well as reassuring their parents that they really do have the skills they need to pursue their dreams and gain success.

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(Quotes Courtesy of IMDb: Hop – IMDb)

E.B.: Look, Dad. Ahem. Ever since I was yea big, it’s been, “The Easter Bunny wouldn’t do that” and “The Easter Bunny has to be perfect.” But… Ha! I’m not perfect!
Mr. Bunny: I know that, Son. But you’ll get there, eventually.
E.B.: But I’m… Listen. You want me to be this. But maybe I’m not this. Just maybe, maybe I’m this.
Mr. Bunny: A sock?
E.B.: Yeah, that’s right. I might be a metaphorical sock. I might not be a good enough egg, but I might be the best sock ever! I might not cut it delivering Easter baskets, but I might be great at something else.


E.B.: Dad, I wanna drum in a band. I wanna see the world.
Mr. Bunny: EB, the Easter bunny sees the world in one night.
E.B.: oh, Really dad? What about China?
Mr. Bunny: (Remembers being thrown out in China) Right, so we haven’t cracked China yet.
E.B.: Don’t wanna be the Easter bunny.
Mr. Bunny: 4000 years of tradition doesn’t end just because one selfish bunny doesn’t feel like doing it!

Fred O’Hare: Okay, if this job interview is so important to you, I’ll swing by.
Sam O’Hare: No, Fred, you don’t swing by. You shower, you shave, and you show up. The three ‘Sh’s!’


E.B.: What’d she say? Was it about me?
Fred O’Hare: She thinks Easter is cool. Talking rabbits freak her out.

Fred O’Hare: Can I get a little clarification, here? Is this what the Easter Bunny does now? He just goes house to house, messing up people’s lives?
E.B.: Well, that’s just hurtful. Besides, you’re selling yourself short. They were going to shove you in the mail room. Well, excuse me, but I happen to think you’re better than that.
Fred O’Hare: You don’t know me! Okay? We just met.
E.B.: I can tell. You give off this aura of untapped potential.
Fred O’Hare: I do? Now, don’t pull that with me, rabbit, okay? I’m too smart for you.
E.B.: But, Fred, I’m serious! You’re destined to do something great. I just know it!
Fred O’Hare:  I’ve heard that one before.
E.B.: You’ll find an awesome job.
[E.B. grabs a magazine]
E.B.: Hey. Look, what about this? Dog walker?
Fred O’Hare: No.
E.B.: TSA Officer?
Fred O’Hare:  No.
E.B.: What about this one? It looks exciting. Wind in your hair, hot babe on your arm.
Fred O’Hare: That’s a car ad.
E.B.: You should buy that car, then.

Sam O’Hare: [ready to eat jellybean]
Fred O’Hare: Don’t eat that! [EB’s jellybean poop]
Sam O’Hare: [stares]
Fred O’Hare:  ….You might not like the flavor…
Sam O’Hare: Ughh… [eats jellybean]
Fred O’Hare: Uhhhhh…
Sam O’Hare: Watermelon.


E.B.: All great artists suffer before they become famous. That lady wrote Harry Potter in a ditch.


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